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    We import our bags from the US for family and friends. However, to address our buyers' concerns, we have included some tips here on how to spot a imitation copy.

    1) Kate Spade always embosses her name on leather rather than using the fabric tag she uses on microfiber, cotton or other fabric bags.

    2) Hardware – The real Kate Spade hardware like rings and loops would bear either the Dot Noel stamp or “Kate Spade New York” monogramming

    Check out the website on the right column on Kate Spade fakes.

    Hope this helps.

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Kate Spade Cami in Emerald -SGD365

Posted by pursuingbigpapa on April 6, 2008

Front view

Profile view

Name: Kate Spade Cami in Emerald


Brand New with price tags intact

14″ long by 5″ tall x 5.5″ wide. Shoulder straps 9″ drop length

Cheery green grainy embossed and tumbled cowhide leather with leather straps

Retail price in US stores: USD385

Retail price in Sg stores: $710 for a similar design

Our price: SG$398 365


3 Responses to “Kate Spade Cami in Emerald -SGD365”

  1. Anonymous said

    Love this!
    Would you be bringing other brands in?
    -Xue Ling

  2. His' girls said

    Dear Xue Ling,

    Tee hee, thanks thanks for viewing the blog =) Yah, as planned, the grand old plan is to bring in Coach in a couple of weeks!!! =) i’m quite excited about tt. My colleagues already ordered 4 bags from me, quite happy!

    Stay posted yah? =) Keep in touch, i’ll give you a buzz when the Coach arrives =)

  3. Sharon Joseph said


    I am a friend of Christine Cheong. She gave me your website as I am interested in branded bags 🙂

    Just wondering if you will be bringing in (Kate Spade Cami in Emerald -SGD398) in other colors. Am looking for something similar in black, brown or red. I like this design.

    Please let me know. Thanks

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